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Homes at 33071, 33075, 33076, 33077 Coral Springs Búsqueda
Homes at 33071, 33075, 33076, 33077 Parkland Búsqueda
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Propiedades para la venta

US$ 880,000

1300 S Miami Ave #2601

2 Habs

2 Baños

1279 Pies2

US$ 185,000

800 Parkview Dr #103

1 Hab

1,5 Baño

1075 Pies2

US$ 550,000

19501 W Country Club Dr #603

3 Habs

2 Baños

1525 Pies2


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US$ 1,150

665 NE 133rd St #20

0 Habs

1 Baño

11590 Pies2

US$ 4,150

16385 Biscayne Blvd #1603

2 Habs

2 Baños

1119 Pies2

US$ 4,800

16711 Collins Ave #706

2 Habs

2 Baños

1670 Pies2

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10MinutesWebsite Mercadeo Digital

10MinutesWebsite Mercadeo Digital


Pedro Perez is the Co-Founder of Permintet LLC, a Social Media Company for Realtors, a Brand Graphic and Web Designer, and a Realtor for Costco Realty. He started working on real estate a few years ago specializing in marketing. His expertise has been focusing on the sale of high-end properties, marketing only the finest residences in the world. 

He believes in sharing her own experiences and what she had learned from others.  He epitomizes integrity, energy, and creative service in every detail. Her top 5 real estate rules are commitment, integrity, passion, professionalism, and success. 

Follow her on social media as @pedro,perez.perz 

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El proceso de venta paso a paso

El proceso de venta paso a paso

El proceso de venta paso a paso